I'm only 4'9. i'm a midget. But i love it i say i'm just fun sized ^.^
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I love short girls. Now, if only you loved older guys, we'd be doing okay. ;)

perfect size

fun size is just that ,great fun

I think shorter women are very sexy

Thank you!

Nothing I did, just something I appreciate! You're very welcome!

Mmmm that sounds very nice

So that would make me King Size? (I'm 6'1")

My grandmother was yout height. She used to say "I can do everything the tall girls do!"

I do not judge people by how tall they are it's what inside that counts the most.

You say that now, but have you ever been with Thumbalina?

yes u r !!

Fun sized? Smh lol

I say that two

i love and curvy girls r the bomb!! ;-)

for the right man u can e fun size lol

I'm sure if we asked your exes they would say snack sized. your easy to get around with and super sweet....and tasty. = : )

haha fun size? youre a pocket rocket lol i love it

I love short girls :)

I'm 5'4 and my gf is 4'10 ^3^ we are a fun sized couple =3

i am 5'2

i hate you!! im 5'5"!!! im taller than every girl!!!!! its sooo uncomfortable! i wish i could be atleast 5'3" right now...

I'm only 5'2. To me being short is the best. We dont have far to fall when we get knocked down. Tall people have alot farther to fall lol. Not only do we not have far to fall be we are quicker and faster when its time to get up. What I lack in hight I make up for in personality!

That's a cute size :)

i would stuff you in a basketball game lol

Thats adorable >.>

great things come in small packages


short girls are way better

Under 5 foot and soooo cute! definitely a fun little package! ;-)

im 4'11 too and im 16 years old. :D

u r right. my wife is 5' tall; i am 6'8" tall

you know the big advantage been sall is that a guy can hold u in his arms and do fun things ! lol

youre a pocket rocket lol i just love it

I'd say perfect sized!

well thanks


I'm around the same height and I also love it and I don't know exactly why. I notice every girl passing my height at age 10 or 11 and I don't mind.

I have never been with a midget...always wanted to.....wanna add me?

I've always wondered what it would be like to not have to duck to walk through the front door. It's been so long I can't remember.

short is fun.. i am tall so we could have lots of fun.....kisses

awesome =)

im the same height no worries there but i have my shirt that says... "im not short im fun size".... :D

cool...I don't think it's a reach in the writing, just in the mind trying to understand LOL, beautiful.....:)

I have a real thing for small people! I'm looking forward to getting to know you! x

you are snack size and most snack are sweet. :)

aww you sound cute

Yes kimmy!!!! she's yummy!!!!! :)

aww thanks

thank you ^.^