Gimme Some Of Your Inches D:< !!!!

I am 5.1 and I wish if I could steal a few inches here and there, it would be awesome.  I really really BADLY wish if I was taller, I think if I was taller I would feel more confident about myself.  I think being short runs in my family because I'm the tallest one among my three sisters and I'm the middle one, that means I have a shorter older sister  XD so things could be worse 

High heels can gain me few inches but it hurts my back a lot, they are a torturing machine designed for your feet but I can't help but  loving them a lot <3  unfortunately you can't wear high heels for college, it's insane.  I tried it for one semester and my poor feet and back suffered a lot so now I wear comfortable cute shoes.  
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I'm 6'1

Need a foot massage

No, I need stretching

Do u take your feet out of your shoes a lot when your sitting?

Am I right lol

lol why would u ask that!! I only don't wear shoes at home ...

Cuz if your out & your feet hurt from your shoes. Lol

If your like out or at school?

Sometimes I do because I wear high-heels

Do u like play in your heels at school when sitting down & if u want add me

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Being short is a good thing. I think it makes a girl attractive.

lol yay!

Haha, I hope that helps. Even if I am 6'. I would still prefer someone as short as possible without being a midget. Most guys are the same. We love the petite.

I hope you end up with a short girlfriend then X'D