a while back, a guy asked me "how tall are you? like 5 feet?"
i said yes, i am exactly 5 feet. and he said "wow, your pretty short."
i said "well, what am i suppose to be?"
DebraNiomie DebraNiomie
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I like short women it's hot :)

The best perfume comes in a little bottle. I'm 5"2' and it comes in handy in small spaces.

I am just over five foot-it used to get me down when I was younger, but now it doesn't bother me.

You are, of course, right. How tall is tall? How short is short?<br />
I am 5' 4", when I was younger it used to worry me but over time I realized that when people made fun of my height, it said more about them and their character, than it said about me

so then he said can i get a loan of $20 from you , so your reply is no i cant,i am a bit short this week,haha, joking.

LOL good try!