I Am Short But I Don't Feel Short

When my height stopped growing from the age of 14 and I stood only 5 feet, I used to whine and complain a lot. God knows how many medicines and exercises I tried to grow tall but all went in vain. My cousins and friends always bullied me because I was short. 
As I understand many things about life now, I don't feel anything about being short. It's not the height that matters, all that do matter is your behavior and attitude. Growing taller was not in my genes, and it is not my fault at all. I love me for what I am. Yes I am short but I never feel short.
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I like that, and if i might add never measure a man by his stature. A person with a strong will power can do anything. Keep walking talk bro.

Yes..you have the right attitude;) I feel short next to my husband. He is 6ft 4ins and I think still growing;(. LoL

You are only 5 inches tall? That has to go into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Yes, I think it is a typo;)

Well, no doubt. I imagine it is suppose to read 5 feet.

typing error... :)

I figured. I was just teasing you. I have made those errors. I have 6 grandkids. Once I typed 60, instead of 6. Got some wild responses to that.

oh! that must have been funny! :)

People figured I must have had a lot of kids to end up wit 60 grands.

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