People Tell Me I'm Not Short, But I Sure As Hell Feel Like It

I'm 6'0 (currently, who knows I'm only 16)
Well I guess when you only hang out with guys who are 6'4-7'2 (when I say 7'2 my friend Charlie really is 7'2 other than him the tallest is 6'7)
Point is when you hang out with people who are taller than you wouldn't you feel short?
Sometimes I fell taller, but that's only because I know a few 9th graders and my two friends Anthony and Joe are a tiny bit shorter than me, i guess what I'm trying to say is I'm surrounded by taller people and I feel short because of it, you may say I'm not because of my height, but I sure as hell feel it
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3 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Thàt what people say, but me, and my friend rob (as of today anyways) disagree with that, because he said to me today "you know, for an 11th grader your pretty short, I mean your taller than me, but still" (note he's in 9th and is shorter than me)

Take it from someone who is 5'-10", you are not short. You are above average in height. To be as tall as you I would have to wear cowboy boots, which probably isn't a bad idea. :)

Lol, like I said just being around taller people can make anyone feel like that (unless they don't care)

You're not short.^^