I'm Not Like Midget Sho...

I'm not like midget short, but trust me, I am short enough... I am taller then my older sis though, so I don't feel that bad...

littlesis littlesis
18-21, F
4 Responses May 10, 2007

At least we are not really tall lol i couldn't be a tall person

When I was younger I felt like I HAAADD to be taller. At least reach 5'7. But still I haven't reached 5'3. BUT, I'm actually glad now that I am the height that I am. You know. Being short is pretty awesome!

There is nothing wrong with being short.

Hey whats wrong with being short? I`m four ft eleven and my seven year old grandson is almost as tall as me.Being short is just part of what makes you unique.

True true true!