Short Men Are Hot!

Too many guys get slack of girls for being short.. I'm here to restore faith to all short guys out there that there are women out there who love it! I being one :D

I've always found short guys attractive since I first started liking men as a kid. Finally I've got me a serious relationship with a great guy, and of course... HE'S SHORT! I can't explain my taste, maybe its coz I'm short myself, but whatever, I just know tall guys would never do it for me. Anything under 5'7" just floats my boat!

So guys, I know there's plenty of rude girls who dismiss perfectly nice fellas just because they're short.. but trust me, us Short Fans are out here and looking for you. Keep the faith coz we'll find you!

fudgibaby fudgibaby
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10 Responses Jul 15, 2008

Thank you. I'm about 5'3. You have made me happier

How tall are you?

yay, so there women out there that actually prefers short if i could just find a woman near me that prefers short men. it really sucks to get turned down *just* because i'm "too short".

i'm 5'3" by the way, just in case if ya'll was wondering...

Its mindless and typical for a woman to say she likes short guys when she is inches shorter than him.

How mindless, narrow minded, and typically male to find fault with someone else's point of view simply because you can.....What's wrong w/ liking the idea of not having to crane your neck for a kiss or having your feet on the floor when your someone special gives you a hug?

Yes yes yes! My current boyfriend is 5'7" and he sometimes feels self-conscious about his height but I like it! I am 5'2.5". The tallest guy I've dated was about 5'11" and I always felt a little awkward that he was so much taller than me. Tall guys are sometimes scary too =/

It's so awesome that my man is 5 foot 6 and it's (good for me and no way. I don't MIND his height at all !!!)

Is he shorter than you?

Rock on shorty! 5 foot 4 is a tres sexy height (its my boyfriend's height and its PERFECT!)

i am 5' 4'' 5'''

I'm 5'8" tall. Majority of men I met are taller than me ... okay. Most women are close in height ... okay. Some women and a few men are shorter than me ... okay.<br />
<br />
Hey takes all kinds, so that's just fine with me.<br />
<br />
Be yourself and don't worry about the rest and keep on smiling. ;-)

Tall guys don't do it for me either. So gangly and strange looking and you can never have a nice hot shower with a tall man unless you want to drown slowly from the run off lol. I'm glad there are girls who love tall guys, but I am not one of them. My fiance is about 4" taller than me but for a guy he's apparently short, which suits me down to the ground! Perfect height :)

How tall is he?