You know to me my wife had more of any issue with being short then I did or our group for friends to us. She was her, no one cared about her size. She was only 4 feet 4.

Size and how she did look more than once caused issues with others.
One time back in 1963,  four kids from  our group bought train passes, and we rode the train all over the west coast.   we had stopped in CO as we thought it was a neat town, and we found a hotel to  stay at for a few days
after that we saw a KFC and went to get dinner there, and we saw a play ground with tables, so we walked over there to sit.

We had grown-up  with each other from 11 on, and we had this silly thing about feeding each other or me feeding her. It was just us
well someone  saw me feeding her as I ate dinner too.

Later, we went to play on the swings, and I was pushing her as she yelled to go higher
than I made the mistake, I held her tight with me as we kissed like two lovers.

Not long after that we had police there questioning us, and they ask her if I had done things to her and of course, she said yes, and soon one of their officers was there talking with her. 
I guess asked to walk over to her purse, and they let her.

She gave them her ID papers with letter form our mother and from our local police, and they checked all of our other IDs, and they said they were sorry they just had a report of a big teen kissing and touching a little girl maybe about 4th grade.

And guess what we fit I was 6 feet. She was 4 feet 4 and about 8o + pounds.

She used to joke when we got out of high school, she was 4 feet 10, and we told yes she was in 6 inches heels those were 1965.
in only a few short years she lost her life in Viet Nam just like many other young kids did she was killed the day after the aircraft I was in was shot down by friendly fire, and I learned the truth six months later when i came out of a coma. that  my wife was deceased and the lady who gave me a new home and taught me to love from 12 on was deceased from her our hand as they told her two days in a role she had lost a child, and they knew I was in a coma but it was

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I am short as well 4"6 and I live in Japan but I'm not Japanese...I guess I feel much satisfied with my height since Japanese people are not that tall so I don't get self-conscious when I go first bf is 5" first husband is also 5"11 my second husband is 6"3 and now I'm dating a 6"0 confidence is getting little as I get older and kinda worried that my new relationship will not work again for being short...