Why The Hell Am I So Damn Short!?

Same as everyone on here, I'm vertical challenge, been made fun almost all my life,been called a shrimp, midget and oompa loompa, was even molested because I'm assuming I was mistaken for a child, I was bullied once for a short time in elementary school and twice in middle school. Having a neglectful single parent didn't help either. The realization of never growing couple with the fact that I've only been more aware of how short I was until I was in high school not due bullying but due to been self aware of my appearance, I haven't clue of how tiny, short or small I was! I never really paid much attention to the name calling but after realizing it I've been more self conscious. So now I just work hard to better myself but I still can't help that I'll be really old and still be the size of a 12 year old, I've been carded for a pack of smokes and a 40 oz, these should be the least of my problems it could be worst there are people out there who are terminally ill or are obese because due to their genetic make up they've been dealt a really bad hand.
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Jan 16, 2013