But I Don't Mind.

I'm 5'2". It only sucks when I can't reach things.
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3 Responses May 30, 2007

Haha, I'm 5 foot 2 also! XD I'm only fifteen though, but my doctor says I might be this height forever. I like being short though:) it makes me feel all tiny and cute XD

especially at the supermarket.. I wait until the aisle it empty.. Then I jump and grab what I can. Sometimes I don't grab the right thing. For instance, I was jumping for the franks and beans and jumped a little too far to the right. <br />
Ended up with creamed corn. I eat a lot of stuff that I don't like. But it figures. <br />
It must be evolutionary, because tall people can choose to eat what they like because they can pick stuff off the high shelves. Like giraffes, really. <br />
There are a lot more giraffes than rhinos. I never see rhinos in the supermarket. Can't say I've seen a giraffe either. But my point is, and I do have one, that giraffes can also choose anything they like off the top shelves at the supermarket. Or if they go into a bar, they probably order the top shelf tequila.<br />
Probably because it's at eye level for them. But I digress......

I'm 5'2" also! I used to grumble about it, but my mum pointed out that I never had to worry about being taller than my date. I had so many friends in high school who were really insecure about about being taller than the guy they were going out with. <br />
As for not reaching things, thats what stools are for!