Short to Begin With and Shrinking

when i was born i was 24" long and i weighed 6lbs 5 oz.  when i was 9 i hit 5' tall.  i'd grow another 3 inches in the next 3 years.  not bad - an inch a year.  although it seems it slowed greatly in comparison to previous years.  initially, considering all things, everyone including the doctor thought i'd be 5' 8" give or take a couple inches. 

up until 7th grade i was the tallest in my class.  something seemed to happen that summer for everyone else that didn't happen to me.  they GREW!  they grew a LOT!  i was no longer the tallest.  i wasn't even close.  as a matter of fact i was now considered 'short' ... 5'3" isn't THAT short though.

as time went by and as i aged, i haven't a clue what happened, i shrunk!  i have lost TWO entire inches and i'm only 31!  i had no clue this could start so early in life.  at this rate, by the time i'm 65, i will be about 4' 6".  i'm sure the older you get the faster you shrink so really there's no telling how short i'm going to end up.  only bonus i can come up with is my family might be able to purchase a child-size coffin and save money - that is if i wasn't going to be cremated.

when i realized that i'd shrunk an inch i went to the doctor to have a blood work up done.  i was worried about ostheoporosis or something of the like even though i'm statistically too young.  turns out i actually am WAY above average on everything that would make a difference, mainly calcium.  so it seems, as of now, i'm safe in that regard.  the doctor offered this explanation; when we're young and active, playing sports, and other extra curriculars, our vertebrae have better alignment, the muscles around them are well developed, etc..  as we get older, get jobs, become less active if not sedintary in some cases, etc. we begin to develop/worsen bad posture.  this causes the disks to compress and thus we lose some of our height.

he did tell me that i most likely will have a higher propensity to this 'shrinking' due to my build and family history ... FANTASTIC!  i can't wait!  lol

in all reality ... being on the shorter side also allows for an image of youth.  i am often mistaken for a child and sales people at the door will ask if my mom is home.  HAHAHEHEHA!  i don't mind being 5' 1" ... until i can't reach something even with my stepstool ... everything in this world is made for people who are 5' 6" or better. 

i heard someone once say, "i'm not short, i'm small sized."  works for me!

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When I was 9 I was like 4'6?. I'm 14 and now only 5'. Used to be tall in 6th grade/y7.

It sounds like your body oddly didn't have the usual growth spurt of puberty. There was something wrong that it didn't happen. Unless you had the growth spurt very early and finished by age 9. And I know a woman who was similar to you in that she was a little tall for her age as a child and ended up 5'3" like you, and I didn't notice how it happened, or I think she was an early bloomer and therefore going through the period of puberty at a younger age and shorter height than normal.

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Dont think of it as short....think of it as vertically challenged

I understand what you mean, I am 5'2" and have to stand on my tip toes to what is on the office supply shelf at work.