I Like Being Short

I've always been little. I'm used to it, I guess. I think growing up, I was probably always in the 5th percentile until I turned 12 and nearly everyone surpassed me. Now, I tell everyone that I'm 5'2", but without shoes on I'm closer to 5'1/2" :-p

It's not so bad. My body is fairly proportional, and at least I can ride all the rides at Cedar Point (awesome amusement park in Ohio).
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3 Responses Aug 9, 2007

Lol, at least you have your priorities in order. Cedar Point is awesome!!!

I like being short too, I'm about 5' 1/2" but I usually call it 5' nothing or 5' **** all. I was always little, I started school in toddler size 3 clothing. When I was 12 I had to march with the rest of the school in a street parade, they put me in with the 6 year olds so I didn't look out of place because of my height. When I was 20 and went to a women's refuge for help to escape a violent partner, the woman in the front office asked me where my mother was because she thought I was too young to be babysitting (my own 2 children). when I was 25 I was refused the purchase of cigarettes (for my friend who asked me to pick them up on the way to her place), because the shop assistant believed I was underaged... I had my 3 children with me and was clearly 7 months pregnant at the time.<br />
Now I'm pushing 40 and it's only been about the last 5 years that people realise I'm old, because I have smile lines and am carrying a little extra weight that makes me look more my age.

So was it pleasant looking younger in the long run?

Hey, you can get on the rides! That's all that counts :D (Well, maybe not *all* but at least your childhood ambitions on that count are not left wanting).