This picture of me( short Asian man) and my black basketball player friend clearly shows that I am short.
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im 163 cm!is it short?

Kinda like the same height as me haha. Well not short if we are in asia. But when we go to western counties we are short, for example Netherlands and Germany, they are so tall!

idk how my twin bro is 180 cm!

Wow when I was younger I wished tht I was tht tall. But now I learn to love what the creator have given me. Everything happens for a reason anyways :D

26 years of age and barely 5'1 but for some reason I am having a growth spurt so I may hit 5'3 which will be awesome though I still sadly will be unable to reach the top shelf.

Being short is not a bad thing, society just wants you to think it is; revel in your short stature and remember you will always rule in dodge ball :)

Lovely comment and so true. Plus think of all the things closer to the ground a tall person could miss!

Like fossils and minerals, treasure of all sorts, and that rock your tall friend is about to trip on :)
Oh you get a legit excuse to climb shelves for the rest of your life as well, and if you are lucky an have good genes so you age well you get to look young for a very long time; and another positive is people always underestimate you so you can always surprise them or amaze them.

Never underestimate the short inquisition!

Sometimes the best things come in small packages!

I am 5'6 :D

I'm 5'4", tall man! Lol