I Am Only 5 Feet Tall!

I am short!!  I am only 5 feet tall.  It has never bothered me that much before.  Yesterday I was walking into my sons elementary school at dismissel time.  Tons of kids pre-k through 5th grade were walking out the door.  Most of them coming out at that time were taller than me.  For the first time I wanted to crawl into hole.  I felt lost and extremely self inward.  I told my husband how I was feeling and he said well at least I wasn't a midget.  Is it true that anything under 5' tall is considered a midget??  My neighbor is only 4' something and she is one of my best friends.  Every where I go now I feel self conscious now.  How do I shake this feeling.  My height has never bothered me before.


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i am 15 about to be 16 basically all of my friends are taller than me i'm 5 feet i love my height and don't wanna grow anymore even though that sounds a lil weird lol

Just be glad your female and not a guy like me, I won't grow anymore and am a tiny as a mouse (we have the same height)

It's normal for a women to be 5 foot tho.

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I love short girls and your picture is priceless!

Don't feel like that,nothing wrong with your height. My lovely girlfriend is 5 feet.she is a sweetheart, and her height makes her the cutest girl I've ever met.I love her just the way she is.don't care about people's opinions.

I'm going to be 25 soon, and I am 5"... The short comments were never made, until I started High School. I knew people were not being vicious, since my height is what attracted the other students. Ontop of that, more than a year ago, I helped my mom teach her religious ed class. There were students, who were taller than I... They didn't care though. They loved what I had to offer, and they enjoyed my interests in things... So in the end, my height is only an advantage.

I'm a guy and I'm 5 feet tall due to having muscular dystrophy it stunts my growth. I feel the same way I'm 19 and still get offered kids menu's

No girls give me the time of day since they think I'm 12

I'm also 5 feet and I felt the exact same way during a particular season in my life. Now I'm so excited to have realize that God created me just the way I am and that I should not feel inferior to anyone else. You are beautiful just the way you are. Ask your husband, he let you know. Your friend I'm sure will support his claim. Need more reassurance, ask God or just merely read the word. It declares that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Remember people are going to treat you the way you treat yourself. Know your worth and the value that God has placed in you. Place your example in the word of God and not in the world's standards of beauty.

I'm a 5'11" tall white man. I LOVE short petite women (black, white, green doesn't matter). My likes top out at 5'2" but I really prefer fit well proportioned women in the 4'6" to 4'10" range. I don't know why but girls like that have always excited me beyond belief. Short women are beautiful and sexy as can be. This little 4'6" girl I'm trying to date makes me drool uncontrollably. Can you imagine? The top of her head is about 2" above the light switch on my wall. WOW, but makes me crazy along with all the other under 5' women of the world. You all rock whether you know it or not. I'll take all of you short women over a monstrous 5'10" or whatever skinny model type any day of the week.

The legal "midget" height is under 4'10", as I've read on numerous sites. You shouldn't feel self-conscious about your height at all! No matter your height, weight, looks, anything.. No one should ever worry about their looks. You are you and if you were any different, then you wouldn't have the life you have right now.

I'm 21 and I'm 4'9". Every day I hear the same short jokes and I just laugh every time. There was actually time where for literally, a month or two, EVERY DAY, I wasn't just asked but I would be STOPPED in stores and restaurants and asked how old I was because of my size. I've had people laugh at me being IDed, accused of using "my sisters ID", basically examined to make sure every little detail of my ID matched me, etc. I've been compared to people's children and grandchildren, and don't get me started on how much I was teased throughout my school years. I've been the smallest kid in my class ever since I was in preschool. But you know what? By that, it just shows everyone had their attention on me:P and I became quite quick with my comebacks to the other kids:P

But being little is a gift in my opinion. I would rather be short than tall. We look younger than we are and people do say we're so cute:) I never had to worry about being taller than my boyfriend! Could you imagine a shorter guy carrying a tall girlfriend???:P LOL! And I have 4 options in clothes shopping instead of two: men's, women's, boys and girls. I got away with trick or treating last year:) and me and my 12-year old niece can share clothes:)

My point is: just because you're shorter than a lot of people doesn't mean you're any different from them. You are who you are for a reason and you're whole life would be different if you were taller! Be proud Of who you are and don't ever let anyone else's opinion about you change your own opinion about yourself. :) take care!

Sweetheart, the only reason you should feel self conscious is because you probably make most of us men drool. I will always contend that women 5 feet or less are the most sexy, feminine women of all! Ironically, love them as I may, I was never able to even get a date with one.

Great things come in small packages.... Physical size means very little... There are people who have hearts and souls so large that if someone was to get to know them they would see so much more. I hope that you have shaken this by now being almost 3 years later....

I feel so short. is 5 feet to short for a 13 year old? :(

Hey at 13 I was a 4'11 boy imagine how i felt when all the girls called me little bro when I was the 6th oldest..now I'm 5'1 so nevermind it wasn't a happy ending

All of my life.......a very long one......I have been the same height! Oh, that's right, we cannot do anything to add even 1/8" to our height (quoting from the Bible) except to wear shoes that make us taller (the Bible didn't say that, I did). So, my dear, since there is nothing you can do about it, enjoy it. Dress nicely, wear some wedges when appropriate and enjoy your life. As for being a midget, I've always heard that that cutoff point was 4'10". I have really cut it close, being 4'10.5" tall and I have been every size from Jr 5 to P7, 8, and now..........................P14. That's ok. I "yam what I yam" and I have been blessed with loads of talent, (musician and artist) plus a great family. When you are older, you will like yourself more. Keep your mind and hands busy and love life!

I'm a short guy 5 ft 6, and I rather have a short woman. The problem is most women rather have a tall man which really sucks.

I'm a 5'1 girl, my boyfriend is 5'5. I would NEVER date anyone 6 ft or taller, I'm sad about my height as it is, lol.

I am also 4 11 and ive been feeling self conscious about my height, i feel that where ever i go the only thing people notice about me is that im really short and feel they dont take me seriously, ive tried to read articles on how to improve my self confidence but for some reason i think its not working, i really want to feel happy w/ my height, and i don't want to feel too short for the opposite sex, i like tall men, thats why i worry; im affraid that they might not like becuse of my height, and feel shy talking to a tall man, please help

Has the whole world gone crazy?! Short women are the cutest, most feminine women out there!!!!! I want a fun sized girlfriend!!!! You're very lucky!!!!!!!

Are you crazy????? Short women (under 5 feet) are the cutest most feminine women there are!! I wish I had a fun sized girlfriend!!!

Are you crazy????? Short women (under 5 feet) are the cutest most feminine women there are!! I wish I had a fun sized girlfriend!!!

i like all the comments here.. I'm so tiny too..lol! 4'8

I have a 18yr old daughter granddaughter and a niece all your height or smaller and I wouldn't change them for anything for they are what they are wonderful ladies their sisters and brothers are taller but they don't see them any different then anyone else I love all my children all the same. size doesn't matter as they give me so much pleasure

Well,it doesn't matter how short or tall anyone is,everyone has their own importance.

I know exactly how you feel! I am 32 and five foot exactly. I have been told i have a figure like Linda Lusardi and am pretty but I have (recently especially) had negative comments from women from work about my height. Such as 'you are so short!!' 'How tall are you?!' 'Look at Cate wearing her heels trying to look tall'. Recently it has made me feel really down - especially as I split with my BF so these things make you more sensitive!<br />
<br />
I know that someone like Kylie Minogue is my height and looks just beatiful so keep your chin up!

if that's level of their intelligence you should stand proud of your size for you have the biggest heart I should know as my daughter is smaller but her heart is massive she has had all the insults thrown at her she said if that's all they can do I not worried you have a inner beauty that they can't deal with

I am 5.4 or 5.5 i don't know , ...i know my height in cm <br />
and i am male !

a woman 5 feet is cute , and every men could marry her <br />
you are a woman , if you feel to be short it is just a problem abou tyour feeling but you will never get problem because your height <br />
<br />
i am 5.4 and half tall and as most part of men of my height ...80 per cent of women could never accept me as eventual patner .too short for be loved ....but not problem there is the other 20 per cent of women that can accept me ...but anyway this make me sad as only the idea that someone cannot love be because my height make me feel terrible down ....

Shouldn't let your height bother you at all... Character isn't determined by height, how you are as a person isn't determined by height. <br />
<br />
Where I am right now there is nothing but short people around nobody is as tall as I am so it is kind of reversed for me....

may i know friend where is this place??
coz i m just 5 feet. . a mature boy of that height can never be loved by girls even of 5 feet coz every girl wants tall boys

women have a slight advantage as they can wear heels and get away with it. a man wearing pumps would be thrown in jail.

Height means nothing. Does it keep you from doing anything you want? Can you change it? <br />
Don't worry about it. <br />
Kids are getting taller all the time now, so that should not bother you. Even your tall friends will tell you their kids are bigger than them. <br />
Most men prefer shorter women, just as women perfer taller men. <br />
Stand tall...er...be proud. You are who you are and need to be your biggest..er....best fan.

I WISH I was 5 feet. lol

Aww don't feel bad about your height! Shoot even though I'm taller it's not a blessing. I am constantly being asked to reach things or such! I have many friends that are your height and have a great rapport with them and never ever considered that they were any different than me at all.<br />
<br />
My last girlfriend was also 5' tall. I always told people meeting her that they better mind they're manners because although she may seem smaller, she packs a hell of a punch! ;)

I know how you feel. I am also 5ft tall and I was also quite conscious of my height, even up to the point that I wouldn't leave the house without wearing at least 3 to 4 inch pumps. Though one day I didn't; and while I realised how much shorter I was than most of my friends no one really made a fuss about. Having good, understanding friends definitely helped me out. <br />
<br />
There will always remain people who'll crack jokes and all, and of course there are kids who outgrow you. That isn't going to change, but remember that nobody is perfect. Accepting your height is the first step, and with it's strenghts and weaknesses. After doing that, I'm sure that height consciousness won't stay around for long.

No that is not true!!! Being a midget has to do with a gene not your height.

I am only 5ft also, I never liked being small, but its surprising how time and self love changes the way you feel. i still dont LOVE being small, but Ive accepted it and its kinda cute. i hope you feel better about yourself.

You should be happy, I always feel much taller then everyone else. Yet I'm only 5'7". Everyone wants to be something they are not. Just be confident with who you are.