I'm 5'4".  My brothers are much taller than I am, and I've always been short so I guess I have grown used to that.   I dont like it when people point out how short I am, as if I have not already realized this.  Its like when people ask me about my bra size in person.  Thats really not appropriate conversation in real life, and its nobody's business. Anyway, I wish I was a bit taller, it would make some things easier.. but one thing I love about being a smaller person is that airline seats are still normal sized to me!

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Keep in mind it's more important the quality of the person and not just the quantity.

Me too. You are the perfect height for me. So perfect in fact that I think I will go away now and fantasise about you in my bed. I hope you are ok with that.

You are lucky enough to have to wear heels 5. With those boobs is a devastating mix :-)

Petite is always preferred with me =3 Being 6/3" I not mind bending a lil to give a kiss in public, just means each one is That-much more wanted to do. Plus....makes for giving piggyback rides all that much more fun!^^

Miss SB, I used to be attracted to taller women (I am still). HOWEVER, since my divorce I prefer women 5ft4 and under. I truly never noticed how cute, sexy, adorable shorter women are.... :)

The only other problem with being small is that when you do get on the airline, its a pain in the *** to get your bag into the overhead.

ack....I always help with that when I see it. so many people not ask before hand. ...I ask if I know someones gunna have trouble cuz I know I would appreciate it before having to try + show the world something is a struggle infront of others *fallsdown*

You're not small, you're average height. I'm 5'0 but I'm coming to terms with it. I do agree with you on airline seats. If I were much taller, I couldn't imagine how cramped my legs would be, esp. on international flights 12+ hours long.<br />
I have enough seat to even seat my legs in there if I sit on them. There are very many ways shortert people can sit and get comftorble on an airline seat.

LoL.. yeah, well when your boobs are bigger around than you are tall.. that's saying something!

would have to agree short busty women are smoking hott

Thank you.

I don't mind being tiny. At least I'm not tiny all over!

There's nothing wrong with a lady being petite, it's cute. If anything, it makes you look nicer in heels :)

Do you remember how you established your height as 5'4"? If it wasn't an official measurement (done by a doctor), it could be that your previous one wasn't accurate. A good measurement depends on a good posture; getting that good posture can be tricky if your default standing position is a bit more laid back.<br />
<br />
Comparing your height to other people can be tricky as well, due to differing postures you and the people may have every other time that you're with them. And then there are shoes, haircuts may be of influence, etc...so it's hard to make anything other than an estimation based on those things.<br />
<br />
I did have a similar experience though. Before I got an 'official' measurement I always thought that I was 5'2" or something like that. Then I got measured and I turned out to be only 4'11". So basically I lost three inches, ha ha.<br />
<br />
And BTW, I think 5'3" isn't that bad a height, in fact it's only 0.8 inches lower than the average height of women in the US! Plus, with heels you're already a 'whopping' 5'6"-er or 5'7"-er...which is only a tad below model height. So I'd definitely wouldn't consider you to be short (though I admit that's easy to say from down here!).

OK, this is not funny but it turns out that I am only 5'3" tall now? How in the hell does that happen? I've been, or thought i was 5'4" tall for a long time. I was at the Dr, and they put me on that stupid scale.. the one with the arm and that smashes your hair down and then insults you.. because they tell you how short and fat you are! Ok, so right before my very eyes it said 5'3" tall. WTF? How do I lose 1 inch?

It happens when people get lazy. When i was in the military, they would measure and weigh us to make sure we met height/weight restrictions. Well I am 6'3"...but when I was in getting measured it varied from 6'1" to 6'4" &gt;.&gt; If the other person is Way taller or way shorter = a higher chance to miss-measure and not realize the measuring tool is Slanted. So unless they take a moment to check that it's Actually level...it has a good chance of being off. *fallsdown*

Your probably shorter because of starving yourself in high-school. I know a lot of guys who wrestled and fasted all through the season and they're all shorter than their brothers.

you are the perfect height. i would never mention your height other than to lift you up as you wrap your legs around my waist. That is sexy to me

LOL.. Three inches taller. Thats funny! Welcome to the land of the giants.

Your right about the airline seats. I am 6' tall and they weren't designed for me. In regards to height I have a friend who is 5'3" and does not like to be teased about being short. I talked to another female friend who said I would love to be 5'3" I'd be 3" taller than I am now.