That is right im 4ft 11 inches tall. Im proud of it. It means i never have to duck under any low roofs, dorrways etc :P.

I have always been the shortest in my year right though school, got use to it. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters. My brother is 6ft, oldest sister 5'ft6 and my other sister is 6ft2. My dad is 6ft1 and mum 5ft8. I wonder where i get my lack of height from tbh, i asked on many occasions if i was adopted because of this, but i wasn't.

because of my lack of height i love tall women, at least i think that is because of my lack of height :P

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Well you just pointed out the best thing about being my height sweaterbunnies. :P

Its a good thing that you like Tall women, as most women will be Taller than you. I'm only 5'4" but that's still slightly taller than you. I suppose that puts your face at a good cleavage / boob watching elevation! Glad you've got a good outlook.

Wow, u really are short especially for a guy :D