Hate Being Shy

i am real self conscious...if i don't look on point i will feel uncomfortable around people all day...sometimes my shyness affects me at work because people think i don't smile enough or that i am uptight. The funny thing is that i work in the front desk at a hotel and i have to deal with different kinds of people on a daily basis. I have to force myself not to feel nervous when i meet new people. i get even more nervous when the guest try to hit on me...i hate that i cant be more outspoken and socialize more because i noticed people that do are more successful. i want to find a way to over come this but i don't know where to start.
Lovely1987 Lovely1987
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 16, 2012

I used to be the same exact way. I hated when a guy noticed me because I never knew what to do with myself and I never felt worthy of anyone's attention. I hated having to go into new environments and socializing because I was sooooo self- conscious! Because of this i went through a long battle with major depression, anxiety and bdd. I didn't go anywhere for years! But I had to snap out of this when my mom made me go to therapy and then get a job. It was during therapy that I decided I could not let those insecurities hold me back from living my life. When I started going out and living a normal life again I had to force myself to not listen those negative things in my head that made me so self-conscious. I wouldn't think so much and just blurt out random things to get the conversation going or make a joke. I wouldn't focus so much on the physical and realized guys don't really care or notice the things we worry so much about. When I go to work I wear no makeup and sweats and even though I feel gross the boys still talk to me. Now I'm so talkative my sis-in-law calls me the life the party. I just let myself be free and do what I feel, what's fun. I still have insecurities like my weight or the scars on my face from picking at it when I was going through bdd. Certain days are better than others. However, I don't let that stop me anymore from where I want to go in life. :)