I Wish I Was More Outgoing..

I'm just super shy around people I don't really know..I'm scared to get up in front of people to present something and I feel awkward being partners with someone the teacher picks cause I don't really know what to talk about or I don't want to make myself look like a complete idiot in front of them.  Once I really get to know someone then I feel more comfortable and loosen up and talk more.  It's just really hard to be so shy because, I love making new friends and meeting new people but, it's difficult to do that when you can't "break the ice" or something like that.

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3 Responses Jul 24, 2008

Think it's cool we have same b'day! Will you add me?

I share your pain - i always feel i am so different from everyone else, i watch my friends confidently laugh and chat with people they barely know, i envy them :/<br />
i think a large part of it is having little self confidence -do you ever feel you are constantly 'picking' and faults with your self? appearance or personality, i do. i sometimes feel that because i am not 'pretty' or 'popular' i am therefore a waste of space. <br />
All i really want to do is go out to parties with my friends and have a laugh but so many things stop me, 'do i look alright in what i am wearing?' 'will i get left out?' 'what if i can't find my friends?' i wish i could just get over it and be confident! anyone else feel similarly to me?

I am exactly the same way even with new family members but once i getg to know someone i dont stop talking lol