I Wish I Told You

Im really shy. At least the real me.my name is s.c and i am from the Caribbean. i love to sing ,dance and meet new people.Especially guys. but i very reserve and guy sense it and back off instantly,the  good ones though. i wish i could change it, but i cant. i am just so quiet and all the wrong guys come ofter me. i hate it.

just a few years ago, i met this guy. his name is jack, he was romantic,outgoing, a little. Jack was not what most girls would consider hot but i liked him a lot. after school we would hang out at the video arcade. then the day came one cool windy night, i was sitting in a chair outside the room he was playing games with his friends. i was sad b/c i knew i leaving him soon and i didn't know how to tell him. then like he knew i was think of him he came out. and asked if i was okay. i nodded,feeling tears in my eyes. he asked if i wanted him to kiss me. in my heart i wanted him to but i was too shock and shy about the way i felt about him. i shook my head and we hugged. i wanted to tell him i loved him for not forcing to sleep with him,for loving me always,but most of all i wished i had told him i loved him too.
getalifefool getalifefool
18-21, F
May 10, 2012