I Get Unnoticed Because I Am Small And Shy

Small asian guy with low self esteem here. People never bother looking or talking to me because i am short so it is pretty hard to get some attention. And walking alongside tall people doesnt help either. Because of that, i am shy to speak to people, but love it when that happens.
Yellowdude Yellowdude
18-21, M
3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Over time, it'll be less of an issue. Don't be afraid if you have to tug on someone's coat to get their attention if they are taller than you.

Believe this, dude. Being small has its advantages. If you want a better understanding of that, this is going to sound geeky, but check out the Thief or the Rogue. Small, nimble fighters. Yeah.. think about that you little Asian Robin Hood ;)

One day being small and short won't bother anymore. Stuff like that becomes less of an issue with age because people realize it holds no real value on a person.

I know the feeling.