I'm So Worried I Will Make A Mistake, I Proceed To Make A Mistake.

Meeting new people is always fun, I mean, just think about the millions of people on Earth, and each individual has his or her own personality, unique beliefs, and personal values. In my opinion that is astounding, and something to behold. I want to meet as many of these wonderful people as I can, but I am too nervous to talk to anyone, and too worried that I will be humiliated for whatever which reason that my timid mind can come up with. I've tried to be more social many times before, urged on by those who care about me, with every attempt ending in failure. I get so nervous, the palms of my hands sweat and quiver, my heart races, and all I am doing is starting a conversation with someone. It should be simple. "It's easy."  Is what they say, but they are obviously not me. I plan the conversation in my head, and replay it over and over again before actually trying it for real. It never goes as planned, they say something I wasn't expected them to say, and I clam up and can't say a word. There I am, awkwardly standing there, turning red. Again. It appears as if help is non-existent for me, and I try so very hard to be friendly and warm hearted, but when people see me, they see a cold and soulless stone figure. Ugh, maybe I should try sign language? v_v

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1 Response Feb 18, 2010

I feel the same way and I see other people as very interesting and would love to get to know them. I don't fear them, but The fear and uneasiness is usually regarding me, not the other people