I Still Can'T Believe I Did That

A few years ago, I was at Spencer's old house and she and Stanton had tackled me to the floor and were tickling me until I finally agreed to go swimming with them in the gated community's pool.

We walked over there. Right away, Stanton and Spencer had undressed and were already in the pool and me? All I had done was take off my shoes and socks and pulled down my zipper. -.-

I stood in front of them while they were in the pool trying to find the nerve to just undress already and get in the pool. I told them to cover their eyes and they did for a while, but I was still too shy and nervous to undress in front of them (or more specifically Stanton since I've undressed in front of Spencer many times).

Eventually they got tired of just sitting in the pool with their eyes closed and me still not undressing and getting in the pool. So I just turned away from them so I won't be facing them and began to pull down my jeans. I was dying with embarrassment and could only hope that Stanton wasn't paying any attention to me, lol.

Finally I rushed to the pool once I was out of my clothes to quickly cover myself by submerging myself in the water. I felt awkward as **** the first couple minutes, but once we started to swim around and splash each other and just mess around in the pool, the embarrassment began to die away and we had fun. Of course, it got slightly awkward when we were out of the Jacuzzi and exposed again. The Jacuzzi was warm, but since it was nighttime, we were freezing our ***** off. Plus, it was during spring. So it was a cold night. So I was too cold to be embarrassed when Stanton turned around to hand me my jeans while we rummaged through our clothes trying to figure out which article or clothing was who's (it was dark).

According to Spencer, even she was shocked that I had the nerve to undress in the end. She told me I was brave, lol. She didn't mind because Stanton was her boyfriend, but with me, completely different story.

deadmoon deadmoon
22-25, F
Jun 14, 2013