Painfully So...

It is my biggest stumbling block and colors just about every aspect of my life.

Some here might debate the truth to this story but it is so very true. It is far easier to be brave when I am "talking" to someone who is on the other side of their computer screen than it is to open up to someone sitting acros the table from me.

It is a conscious effort on my part op engage people I dont know in conversation and something I find unbelievable difficult to do. If I am in my 'comfort zone' talking about something I know well, or I am at work where I am the "authority figure" then I manage just fine and you would never be able to tell how shy I actually am.

In the past, people have come away from meeting me with the impression that I am stuck up and unfriendly. Things couldn't be further from the truth.

Even here on EP where I am starting to feel comfortable, I find my affliction has been noticed. Someone made comment the other day that it is very rare that I am the one to start a new conversation even with those I have come to know well. I guess that is more true than I would like to think! If you send me a message and pick a topic, I am more than happy to chat, but ask me to begin something.... my typing fingers and my brain just seem to freeze up!

Guess I haven't come as far as I would like to think I have... seems I have more boundary pushing to do.
MissSass MissSass
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This is quite surprising to me to read this of you. The more I see of life, the more I see that we often comes across in ways we dont intend to just out of shyness, or because we're out of our comfort zone. I think I come across in ways that are totally unintened too at times. At then end of the day - who of us has it right for everyone?

Aw hun, don't worry.<br />
You can chat as much or as little as you want with me,<br />
<br />
You know I never judge and am open to anything.

Boy do I know what you mean! I've found it really hard to make new friends as isshe...I'm way out of my comfort zone on EP...I really rely on others to suss out who I want to talk to or want until someone else makes the first move. <br />
<br />
EP is all about of my weakest traits...hence my shyness here.<br />
<br />
Out in the real world I am much more confident in siding up to people I think I'd have a connection with and starting a conversation.<br />
<br />
So of all people MissSass I would have thought you were at an advantage...but it goes to show that looks can be deceiving! Ditto GW!

Perhaps you have a good balance there? Always outgoing can also be overpowering for some people, and a bit hard to take.