I Am Shy

I am shy, because I have kept everything in my head. 25 years of loneliness all in my head. Nothing has ever came outside my head. I have talk to myself like it aint a tomorrow. The problem is that I pretend another real person is doing it. I can't stand to be alone, ever. I just don't like it, it feels real cold, when you're alone. It just feels real cold, when I have to go school alone, when I have to go work alone. When I have to go the worship building alone. I don't like going anywhere alone. So in the last 7 days, I would pretend another person talks to me. This person would talk to me for hours about my life, and then this pretend male person would talk to me about him succeeding in my life. He talks about how he gotten girlfriends over the years, and how he lost his virginity. Yeah, people have told me online, that it wasn't real. But unfortunately I started to do that again in the last 7 days. Some people over the years. think that hobby would do me some good. Honestly, a full-time job with money, and a chance for me to recruit friends would be good.
chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 11, 2010

Hi lonely ,Ill be a friend to you and you can chat anytime with me on any subject ,i am a nice person, with good intent ,so fire away my friend ,im here .But dont suffer in silence .