So I'm pretty shy, whenever I'm around people I don't know, I get really nervous, I usually end up separating from the crowd. I have a hard time not necessarily making friends, but more putting myself out there. Right now it's summer and 6 weeks have already passed and I haven't really done anything because again I'm scared. Hell I'm afraid to go for a walk. I even purposely run in the morning to avoid people. I want to live life, I don't want to watch it go by, but it's exactly what I've been doing. I'm just really disappointed with myself at this point, I started this summer with a lot of energy thinking that I would be out there, having fun , but instead I've done what I always do. Plus this past week I've been neglecting my running because of my insecurities. After spending all this time alone, my suicidal thoughts started coming back. I had just fought these thought how could they be back. Please give me some advice?
Worst part is I already know what I have to do, but I'm to scared to take a risk. 

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Thanks for the Advice. XD

well im the same way...but most importantly you need read your bible...that will give you strenght in the right are God's Chosen cant be like others....Just pray to God that he give you strenght;courage;knowledge;widsom; and read psalms 27 in the bible: everyday from now on; and night..its a prayer...I use to get picked on by this girl bad...I started reading that day i got nervous she was laughing at me; i told the lord to help me..and he she doesnt bother me.. :)