I always have been and I always will be...takes me a long while to loosen up around people, especially around people I admire and have respect for ! Sometimes I get so nervous before talking to someone that I have to rehearse ! Even here on EP, where pretty much anything goes I have a hard time sparking up a conversation ! Its something I don't really like about myself but I guess it is what it is !!
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Social gatherings, especially with strangers are a complete no,no for me. Within minutes I break out in a "cold sweat" and have to leave the gthering or meeting altogether. I have successfully? ruined a lot of events for my wife so that now I just say no and let her go on her own to have a good time. She can "talk for England".
I manage here, behind the keyboard and people are surprised when they learn I am such a hermit.

I really liked this story. You admitted something that's very hard to deal with and still managed to make it sound cute. :P

Why thank you jimmy! You're very kind for thinking so :)

I'm shy, too. It seems like my shyness sometimes gets worse in some ways, and I've become quite a loner because of it. I've always been nervous socially, although I've been trying to work on it.

I try to put on a brave face and just breathe my way through an uncomfortable social situation. I have a tendency to over think things and end up not having so much of a great time on occasion because while my attention is on the person I am talking to I am also watching others. I like to observe people. I'm not a loner, the friends I do have are few but they are great friends.

I don't think its so much self confidence, make no mistake that has something to do with it, but I really would rather stand by and observe and speak to just a few, I don't need to be the life of a party. I do need to break the shell though a bit...thanks for your comment.

I am exactly the opposite. I can go into a room of strangers and strike up a conversation with just about anybody. Just realize you're just as good as anybody else and no one can embarass you except yourself

shy! um....................................................................... not lol ;) <br />
<br />

Aww, warm fuzzies Alyce...thank you bunches and I'm glad you're here as well, you're a fantabulous woman :)

You seem to do just fine. Your a wonderful person and we are glad you are here. <3

I hear you Ava, so often shyness is misunderstood...the saying you never get a second chance to make a first impression is true but people like us wish others give us that chance !

LOL....sure thing carrie, we'll have coffee and I'll sit there and wonder what to say next, LOL !! I get especially frazzled around women !!

I am shy too! Stop over sometime.

Thank you soon as that comfort level is set, i don't ever stop talking, lol !!

TY awhitedot, amazing how fast that shell seems to break when you have a family to provide did what you had to do ! I hate the whole not knowing what to say next thing too but I do agree shyness is not a weakness but it does make me seem a bit unapproachable, I don't like that because it is so not me, I'm very lovable !!

Thank you Bonnie, my dear sweet and I have a friendship that will last a lifetime...I still remember the first time we met, I was so shy to talk to you but you instantly made me feel right at home !! You are my rock dear, I know I can come to you with anything on my mind and heart and you will never know how much I appreciate and love you !!

You rock baby doll, you adorable. Once you found me likeable, it was so easy to fall in - love. There is nothing wrong to be careful and wise who you friend with. You are so loveable, no one can deny your friendship. On line relationship is no different than in real life. You are my favorite, dear. Yes you are.

Thank you uyknas...two peas in a pod, !!

Yes very sad indeed but my shell breaks eventually !!

I still love this truth. It's so sad though.

Awwww my big sis chimes in on my shyness, I think it was because you have a knack for making one feel comfortable right away ! I'm the lucky one, trust me...thank you for being who you are sis !!<br />
Muah back at you doll :)

'Lil Sis, I'm so glad we connected and that you're not shy with me!! I think I'm the lucky one for having been given the chance to get to know you. {{muah}} babe!!

Yeah I like to make life long friends as well but it depends on whether or not the person is patient, I am quite shy until one gets to know me !! I very rarely get that connection you speak of immediately but it does feel real good when it happens :)

Sounds like you're describing me, I have a tad bit of social anxiety but tired of being that way.. After all, why shouldn't we speak our hearts too.

Brittany, it is amazing what people have in common or can at least relate to when they share who they are honestly with people and leave the BS at the door...thank you and I will check out your link ASAP :)

Lol yeah I've had a couple of awkward phone conversations too, but I think I've gotten a lot better! The last time I called a friend to reconnect, it went really well and even though I made a list of things I could talk about I didn't even need to use it! :) I wrote about it here:<br />
And after I wrote this post some other people wrote to me and could relate to making those lists or feeling shy about calling people, which was pretty cool. :)

Well since it has a sexxy mystique to it, I just may wanna keep it, LOL, I'll do my best to roll with it :)

Well don't be in despair that you'll always be shy.. but if you are, no worries. Shyness has this sexxy mystique to it.. roll with it ;)

Well you seem to have a knack of making people feel comfy around you !! Trust me it takes balls for me to talk to anyone !! ROTF...I hear you chicky, I do too !!

32 yrs! Scarewww that lovely lady, hows about this year. I mean your already taking steps, your talkin to my crazzzy azz, that's gotta count for something at least. *winkerz* not that it takes balls to talk to me mind you.. I prefer the ones without them.. damn.. foot in mouth again. Lol see what'd I tell u.

LMAO too...thank you sunshine, your name definitely fits you, you are all sunshine and always seem to be able to make me smile no matter my mood at the time !! I'm trying to break out of my shell, who knows in another 32 years it may happen, LOL !!

I used to be shy.. not sure what it took to make me stop givin a flickin fruck that got me out of it. I'm still extremely uneasy in crowds though. *hugs* it can be overcome .. I'm living proof my dear, Please don't ever feel shy to talk to me... I'm just a big ole goof and will prolly stick my foot in my mouth before you have a chance to feel any sort of trepidation on your part. Needed a pedicure anyways nibble nibble* lmao

Thank you Brittany, I'm glad I'm not alone...I feel like a basketcase when I talk on the phone, just ask my girlfriend about the first time I spoke with her on the phone, LOL !!

I rehearse what I'm going to say sometimes too, especially with phone calls to people I haven't talked with in a long time or if I need to call up a business and ask a question/make an appointment. I make little lists of things I can say in case my mind goes blank for what else I can talk about. You're certainly not alone in this! :)

You totally make a point my man but my shyness is on and offline, I am the same person either way and I believe my shyness is genuine !! It is a total misrepresentation of shy people for others to call them stuck you and I know it is so not true !! I'm one of the nicest people ever if you can break my shell !! Thank You :)

I try to make people feel at ease, I'm not stuck up at all, you should know that 76013s...we have had conversations, am I ?

You have a point sis...but I do think my shyness is genuine but lord knows I have insecurities as we both know !!

Ever wonder if insecurity is misinterpreted as shyness? I don't think I'm shy but I still have times when it's not easy for me to speak with someone.<br />
<br />
If I perceive the other to be more confident, brainier, prettier, more 'with it' .... then, sometimes, I have a hard time.

Thank you bmv...I'm fine with the hi, how are you part, I rehearse to just make sure I don't sound stupid...anything after that I am leary of, that is why I love when you meet someone and just click woth them !! Thank You for reading :)

Thank you SQ...I enjoy our chats as well and yes I am very shy !!

Yeah MG I thought it would happen too but no luck so far !!

Same here. People say it's something you grow out of, but that's not always the case.

Thank you both...I thought I was the only one...LOL !!

Hahaha! I do rehearse too! But unfortunately it doesn't change the fact that I get nervous talking to people, so I'm still going to forget what I rehearsed... :)