Yes I Am..

I am not extremely shy, but shy enough. 
Everyone always knew me as " the shy or quiet girl " in high school. 
I barely talked through out my school years. For a lot of reasons, 
but mainly cause I like and prefer to keep to myself a lot of the time. 
I can and do talk and everything, but I am shy especially when talking 
or meeting for the first time. 
Being shy, I feel, is me being careful, something I feel like I have to 
do anymore with most people. I can't help but be quiet a lot of the time.. 
It goes with who I am.
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7 Responses Apr 29, 2011

That is okay, being shy isn't a bad thing =) <br />
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that is awesome, and exactly! <br />
<br />
you are who you are, and you are unique =)

I really wanted to say that I used to be that way but I think Im still the same..<br />
<br />
I did improved though.. and I realized that its not totally a bad thing..<br />
<br />
maybe its just who I am, and i need to be ok with that.. :)

Exactly, it is so hard anymore. <br />
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that is awesome =) be who you are =)

no no I understand completely, that is how I feel about it.. It is extremely hard to talk to new people and I don't know either.. I know some people in my life have wanted me to be outgoing.. And I have tried.. but it isn't so easy.. especially when I've been shy my whole life. <br />
Thank you for you comment =)

same here its really hard to talk to new people i dont know why thats just how i am

really? that is great. =) <br />
Honestly I don't mind being shy, I like it =)

I'm the same way well atleast i used to be that way but once I got into college I changed that.