Hi. I'm 15. A high school guy.

Well, I've been liking this girl since the start of the freshman year. She's really cute and she's short. We're both Asian, only she's Korean, even though she doesn't look like it to me.

I only see her in science class, rarely in the halls. Last quarter we got to sit next to each other, which made me really happy and all, but I didn't show it. Yeah, she says hi and talks to me when we're close to each other. We talked about cartoons and your life and random stuff. It was fun. I thought she was the girl!

This quarter the class got a new seating chart, that separated us out, far away from each other. After that we never really talk to each other anymore, except for a few hi's from her weeks ago. We grew farther. The screen name of hers means nothing by now, since she doesn't write hi to me anymore.By then I assumed that she doesn't like me, and I'm just another guy that sits next to her. An insignificant part of her life. And I think the whole thing is my fault. I'm desperate to talk to her, but I can't, because I'm shy. I always think of all these bad things that'd happen right then, like my fly's open, she doesn't hear me, she hates me, things like that. And everyday when I come home I'd regret myself.

I decided to move on. I don't try to talk to her anymore, since she doesn't care anyways. Of course, I still like her, but I just don't try to get close to her, because I know personally that my efforts will be wasted. Maybe someday I'll come out of this shell and express myself. Then my heart can follow its path once again.

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Well just because she hasn't talked to you doesn't mean she doesn't want to. You just assume she's not interested because she hasn't talked to you in a while, but have you tried talking to her? Maybe she feels the same way, that, because you haven't been talking back she feels that maybe you're not interested in her? I don't know could be wrong but this has happened to me. Just because i wasn't active enough she probably thought i wasn't interested in her....get it? I'd say your girl doesn't know you're shy and assumes that you're not interested because you don't talk back. First i'd say start simple...when a moment arises look her in the eyes and don't stop. Let her know you're looking. Then once you're ready just talk and try at least telling her you're a bit shy. :I <br />
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And stop thinking that "She doesn't care anymore" or "NAah..she's not interested" I do that quite a lot too. You won't know until you ASK her how she feels about you...

aw :D<br />
go for it