A Flaw Of Mine.

Yes I am shy. I would even go as far as to say that I am the more shy than most.

I often hear people say be yourself and people will like you. I don't believe that is the case with being shy. I try to love myself for how God made me, but to be completely honest I find it difficult with this problem of mine. Most days I can accept things for how they are and just be me and have no worries but then there are those very lonely days that are a challenge to survive. They are a challenge because I feel like locking myself away and crying till I feel somewhat better. It's hard for me because I don't have any friends at all, I have family and I am so thankful for them way more than you can imagine. But I do hope my the rest of my life doesn't hurt this much in my future.
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Our lecturer once told us that being social was something that you could practice and get good at. He told us that we should make a point of going to as many parties as we could lol :P And always talk to at least one new person who you've never talked to before. So my advice is just to start putting yourself out there. I know it is hard I also have a hard time. If you are at university/collage try talking to the people in your class. Sit next to people you think might be interesting, then just jump into there conversations if they are talking about something that interest you. You can always introduce yourself afterwards. I've always found introductions first usually feels awkward, so just try talking to people normally as if they were already your friends. Hope that helps and don't give up. You only really need one good friend :)

Being shy isn't a flaw, it's just a part of who you are.I'm really shy too, but you if you want to find friends you have to put yourself out there. Get out, join a club, or find a group of people with a common interest. Find people like you and it will be easier to talk and interact with them. Also, love yourself, i'm sure you're awesome! Yes, being shy can make it a lot harder to find friends, but don't give up yet! :)

You are not alone in being shy to the point of social exile,i am quite anti social even towards my own family,i keep myself to myself and hate talking to anyone,i don't often get upset about the way i am and the way i live my life,there's always hope that you'll meet someone,find a better quality of life, achieve your goals,you are on here,you'll be ok,just keep on moving,up!:)

I to don't have friends and that's why I joined this site. Im trying to make some here and the people are pretty is to talk to and relate with. Add me if you would like to. I will be happy to chat and become friends with you.