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Well, let's start with my story. I was born with an identical twin sister and ever since I was young I didn't need another firend because I always had her. I think that's where the problem started, while everyone was on the playground practicing making friends, I was always with my sister. As some years passed going along in elementary school, I was always labeled as shy. People pressed me to come out of my shell, especially teachers. In middle school, this lessened some, but the shyness still effects me every day.

One problem is that around people that I've been around for a while, but don't truly know, I feel very shy because I feel like they are judging me about how I was when I was little, when I was even more shy. Also, around popular kids or jocks, I can barely get any words out and feel so small compared to them. Then there's the boys....I can talk to ones that are more nerdy or bookish easier than the jock type. For some reason I feel like guys are judging me more than others, even though that is not true. Also, I hate partnering or going in groups, I naturally like being alone, and if a class involves it, I won't join it.

I'm going into 9th grade, and school is basically my worst nightmare. I wish I could fix my shy behavior, but it is near impossible. People label me as a person that is no fun and way too serious. Why can't I just speak to people why am I so scared?
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i don't have a twin, but my dad was one. until my uncle died when they were abt 5yrs old. i'm sure it's nice to have that connection with someone. to know they will always be there for you and wont judge you. to me it also sounds like you worry to much abt what others think of you. that can cause added stress and lower your self esteem. have you ever wondered why you care so much abt what others think of you? alot of times we think the worst abt ourselves, when it comes to others opinion on us. when most of the time you might be surprised at what they do think of you and it's probably not as bad as you think. you never said if your twin in shy too? also sounds like you aren't letting people get to know the real you, because you are hidding yourself. so technically how can they judge you as you say, if they don't know you?? just a thought. high school is real tough am glad i'm not there anymore. but you can meet some nice people and figure out what you like and want to do for you and not as a twin.

I was once like you. I do have identical twins but my shyness wasnt because I was really close with my twins but because I have really low self asteem. I even once told my group members that I will bring bad luck. But, I am much better now. What you need is confidence... Do not be so aware about your surroundings! <br />
Its true people do judge you... whenever people judge you.... you can think this way "Judge all you want, your not perfect either"

ik what u are going through. i am EXTREMLY SHY but once i got an ounce of courage i came out of my shell made ONE new freind then she introduced me to HER freindS and now i have a group of freinds :} :] anyways, the point is... if you can make one new freind then thats all you have to do. i know how hard it is to come out of your comfort zone, i am also scared or shy around the bigger kids. people think im younger than i look but hey.. at least when i get old ill look way better than them :] so if you get a friend and that freind is in alot of trouble.. you. the shy innocent sweet little (or big) gilr/bot (ur girl right? yea i think so) will come out and save the day. :} Hope you make freinds and come out of your comfotr zone. Best of luck ~NyBrid.