Shy Me

I have been shy as long as I can remember. I haven't dated much and wish I had. But guys don't tend to ask me out and the ones I've gotten the nerve to ask out, have been taken or so they say. I find it hard to break out of my shell. I have been in it for almost 38yrs now. I don't feel comfortable in the spotlight. So I am wondering how do I get in a relationship? Since guys I ask are taken and guys aren't asking me? Am confused as to why they aren't asking me. Whatever!!
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36-40, F
5 Responses May 10, 2012

i wonder if my shyness has to do with my upbringing. my parents never really paid much attention to me. they always favored my younger sisters. so i guess i always felt neglected and left out. wonder if my shyness could stem from not feeiling wanted. so i didn't open myself up to others, cause i didn't feel like they would care to listen to what i had to say.

" And all the world's a stage" why not start to get over your shyness by pretending to be confident; act like it, put a tune in your head and a smile on your face and try just making some eye contact first, - baby steps! just confident eye contact nothing more! then you can move onto the next baby step

i have dated some and have had a boyfriend when i was younger. it just doesn't help being shy. i think of all the opportunities i could of had, but didn't take advantage of, because i'm shy. is sooo annoying to let something control my life like this. i need to get over it. otherwise i won't get the opportunities i could have if i wasn't shy.

i read your story and can relatebeing shy myself i have never been on a date if you ever figure it out please tell me and we both will know

i will take you out, and we can be shy together