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I Used To Be Very Shy

i have read a lot of stories here from shy ppl. ans surprisingly enough until a year ago i would have said the same about myself, i was lucky enough to come across a new world in cyberspace, a 3d world where you take control of an avatar and interact with others, i was at first so scared to speak hahah and it did take a while too, but now ..... now i can talk about anything to anyone , joining my first role play group was really tough it was based on the idea that a user would make up a story ,then other members would play out the story make up parts to the story and add bits on. now i know that cyberspace inst the same as real life but in there i have become one of the preferred ppl to be with, and it gave me the confidence to know that in conversation in the real world, i can talk for Ireland hehhe there are very few times in real conversation now that i am caugh for something to say ........ now i just have to get rid of the addiction for cyberspace lol .... just joking
steeadder steeadder 41-45, M 1 Response Jul 7, 2012

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This cyberspace...sounds like just what I need:)