Quiet Guys

Is it just me, or quiet guys are never given a chance? By a girl, that is.

I like quiet girls, and i always try to look deeper in them. But i feel they don't do the same.
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If I had a big big space with spheres flying around, just like atoms.
And I had at the center a boatload that collided a lot and the further I go away from the center the less they collide.
Which would interact the most?

I'm afraid it's as simple as that, which is why idiots and showoffs seem to get all the girls, well before they get their selfish dumb behinds dumped ofc :3

The system is broken but that doesn't mean there's no hope.... at least I think there is :)

If you just wanted to know how they felt ... well I can't help you there.... I have my own seats to the show but I'm not participating at the moment it seems

Im quiet and i love quiet guys. Quiet, shy guys are the ones i give chances to rather then crazy, loud, partying guys. I find it is hard for me and others considering both would be shy and nervous to start a conversation.

I am a quiet girl, and there was a quiet guy that I talked to back in high school. It's just like darktippedrose said, from my experience, progress two extroverted people make in a day it took us a year to do. The problem with quiet people is that you don't know what kind of person they are easily so you have to dig and delve and then (most likely) you'll find you disagree on the important things, or are just not what they first appeared to be like.

maybe because both are so quiet and shy you need a more contrasting, outgoing person to get things started?

I like that idea :)