It's so frustrating! I know I know, all my life I have been extremely shy. when it came to new people or social events I'd get nervous and be that girl sitting on the side waiting for the torment( event/ new people) to be over. It really sucks because I am a fun and animated person to the people I'm close to ( I've known my friends from high school). But once a stranger comes along I freeze up and become quite and reserved. It really suck that I can't open up and talk to new people... It's also ironic that ALL my friends are outgoing and can meet and make new friends ( snap of finger) like that.

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Open up and open up with EP members like us. you will become extrovert,otherwise you will be an intravert till ur last days.

This is just like me.

Sigh* its really sucks sometimes :(

It is. And I use to be really friendly too, I just don't know what happened.

You are basically an introvert.Open up u will feel free with us.

I know that feeling all to well, it sucks! Lol. I'm 41 years old, and I've been like this my whole life. Kinda makes me wonder how many great friendships my shyness has cost me!

Thanks for the advice but my close friend ARE extroverted people! I try to hangout and socialize with them and their friends but....(sigh) it just so hard :(

One thing that helped me was hanging out with my more extroverted friends. They would introduce me to people and then it was easier for me to talk with them. Maybe that would help you too.

Thanks for the advice!

So how are you " coping" with your problem? Personally I keep trying to change but it's hard.