I'm Very Very Feminine And Very Shy.

to unveil this mask

i have been hiding behind this
mask all of my entire life;

but i must unveil this awful
mask that i have been wearing
all of my entire life,

i'm no saint and i'm no angel
and i'm no hero;

and i don't want to be anyone's
hero are to be a saint are an
angel to anyone at all,

in fact i don't want to go to
heaven when i die;

cause i'm coming back into this
world again of being reincarnated
as my true self as a female with
the help of Mother Goddess,

i felt as though mother always
knew about me long ago before
she ever die;

i think she could read me like a
book and she could see it in my
face i think she knew what i was
struggling with my true identity,

but i didn't had the heart to tell
her how i felt and i didn't want to
break her heart;

but i believe she knew deep down
inside of her heart about me of
wanting to be another one of her


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thelovegoddess thelovegoddess
61-65, M
Jan 12, 2013