I am extremely shy and introverted. Not a good thing but they tend to go hand in hand. I have issues breaking the ice and talking to new people. Sometimes even around people I already know. Then I get nervous and paranoid but I do my best to not let it show.
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I trick people into seeing me as a friendly, chatty person. I force myself to talk and mingle.I hate gatherings. A wallflower can be mistaken as stuck up.That's worse then being shy..noone wants that image. We have to put our best foot forward, smile and communicate Ask questions so they do all the works! A shy person looks like an interested person.

Isn't it amazing how some people are willing to share their life story the moment they meet you (especially the embarrassing parts). I think they're trying to help us relax and get comfortable even though it doesn't always work. Medications can help you try out different techniques and pretty soon (in few months) you can try to keep approaching others in a confident manner using humor to put them at ease too.<br />
A good family doctor is a nice place to start with these extreme social anxieties...before angoraphobia sets in or to keep you on a level sanity with regard to what others are reallly saying and thinking.

I hate interacting with people really. If I feel confident for a brief moment they shoot you down. Yes people freak me out and I too feel paranoid often. However if I meet someone who is GENUINE and truly nice, then I am very open and extroverted. But those people are very very rare.

I am 100% exactly like that.. and am trying hard to get over it.. but it's my nature , i guess.. its hard for me to get over it... and m about to turn 19..<br />
i'm awful around boys, new people and people who i'm not close with... I never have anything to say.. I just laugh or have just little to say when they talk to me.. making a fool out of myself.. <br />
I hate awkwardness!! curses

Your describe perfectly how I am as well! I'm in my second year in college and it has been tough. I just try to be as friendly and approachable as possible. I'm pretty bad at conversing with new people though, I never know what to say.

When I am around people that I know I open up more and am more comfortable... but in crowds and around people i just meet I am absolutely aweful

I know how you feel, man. Its hard.