It Sucks

a lot of the time I am so shy that I end up missing out. A lot of the time when I have to meet someone new or talk to someone I don't know I run away or avoid it however I can. I never put up my hand in class because I am too scared. I am even scared to go into shops if there are other people there. Somehow I just keep losing out.
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2007

Personally, when I go into a store or go into a new place, with people I don't know, I like to think they are nervous, and if they aren't, I think that they really aren't focusing on me anyway, they're trying to get their things done, and I should too. But there is only one time i get anxious. Its when I'm walking down the street and there is someone walking on the same side as me coming towards me. I freak out when I see them coming and try to decide if i'll say hello or smile or where will I put my hands. Everyone has little things like that, its just how you think of them that changes the outcome.

I'm simular, but a way that could help to overcome things like going into places with people that you dont know in them is by practising it. If you keep on doing it over and over, you'll start to get used to it, and it might not bother you as much. I've been trying it for a while and it has made a difference to the way i react when put in them sort of situations, so i'd suggest try it and see what happens.<br />
Hope you find this helpful :) xxx