Okay look, I feel the need to say this cuz some odd string of fate is compelling me to. Or maybe it's my compassion for humanitytyty... And, I forgot ^w^
Brain: HOW are we supposed to trust such a flaky, twitchy ignorant child who can't even remember her name is really Bob?
Me: owO My name's MagzChan >w<
Brain: I don't care what you go by now Bob, honestly I didn't like either of you -_- *Just the IDEA of you...Being tormented OwO By me ^w^* Just dont let anyone else torment you okay. Remember, you're mine and mine alone... And I hate sharing my crap -_- You can have it when it's completely destroyed okay Hector ^w^
Hector: I don't babysit >w< And I don't want your hand-me-downs :}P *Maggie's probably getting mad now owO*
Me: X///{3 I'm honored >w< *I never knew he felt that way about me owO*
Hector:... No you're not >w< *Though she might be...She's like that -_-'*
Anyway cut the crap or rather the Pure Gold...? Nah I'm just kidding point is I get shy but I'm not stuck up OwO I just felt I needed to explain myself for no particular reason
Brain: Who said you could FEEL things >w< *ewwwwww ^w^'*
Me: Ah human nature, don't hurt me >ww< Because Bye!
SquirrellyGal2493 SquirrellyGal2493
Aug 17, 2014