I have probably never started a conversation with someone else... Never. When I say that I mean with people I am not close to, outside of friends and family I course. I am cool though and nice and fun to hang out with. I am so easy to get along with it's unreal, and I love making people happy no matter how insignificant. I will put my self through pain to make someone I know have an easier day. By pain I don't really mean physical, I just mean I will work extra hard, regardless of the type of work. I don't mind it, as long as someone else is benefitting. While I was in high school, I never talked, except with my friends. I found no need to. I am the person in a high school that no one knew, no one. I never had a Facebook or any other social media accounts and still don't... Except for this, and **** like YouTube. I wouldn't consider this website anything like Facebook though. This is primarily used to talk to "anonymous" people about problems you have. Not people in real life. I have never ha any guy friends that weren't my best friend, or that I communicated with outside of a class or lunch, or school for that matter. I have never had a girlfriend, in fact I've never had a female friend, or even a girls number on my phone apart from my mother, lol. I do have some really close guy friends though, of which are practically my life. One might call me a loser, but my friends are not like me, at all. They have seen their way around world of social media, girls, guys and the like. I have not. A tiny part of me says that, you can do it, you can make friends, you can get a girlfriend, but the fact of the matter is that if the only reason to get a girlfriend is to say I got one then why get one. All my close friendships were mended over time, and were not really initiated by either side. They just happened, and they are better friendships than I could ever dream of. So why should I go around trying to make friends. I should just let them happen, whether it be a girl or guy. I'm 20, so I can't go out drinking yet, but why would I go into a bar and try to find a girl to date to one day call my girlfriend, when I have no need for one other than to say I have one. I suppose most guys go into bars to get laid, and I suppose that is a viable reason, to just release sexual tension. But that's not for me. If I were to get a girlfriend, it would never be because either of us initiated the relationship. It would just happen, and it would happen because there was no reason for me to stop it. I do feel lonely sometimes, but I'm not. I have a loving family and great group of friends. What else do you need? And all of this is the way it is because I am shy. But only until u get to know me.
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I am very happy to see you have good close male friends.

I think it is wise of you to realise what you like. Just because going to bar, getting laid that way or being active in social media are all being popular does not mean they are ways of socializing. And even now, I am still afraid of whether start a conversation or not. I just think too much and I don't want to be rude. And sometimes afraid of gett┼čng bored.

If you are satisfied enough with your friends, I think it all depends if their motivation is quite similar to you. Though it seems like you enjoy with them a lot.
And one last thing... Girlfriend is not a must! :)