Today May Be the Day!


              TODAY MAY BE THE DAY ,  WISH ME LUCK =)


Today may be the day when I'm going to prove to my Sifu(just for those who are not familiar with the term Sifu is my teacher for the martial art I train) and to myself that I'm serious about overcoming my shyness! last week on Tuesday my Sifu put me on the spot and asked me question as one of his occasional "breaking" me session or ask me to do one of the forms while he watches(to "break" my being self-consciousness). to "break" my shyness. And it made me think,so I thought and thought and decided I am now serious about being confident and I have identified what makes me feel confident. this Tuesday I went to my Sifu to share my insightful realization but to sadly find out he had to go home early but he told me I can share it with him next class,which is today,to demonstrate my seriousness and then at the end of class I may be able to share with him what it is I wanted to tell him.

So today is the day! the day i'll prove to both of us how dedicated I am. now I don't expect a miracle but from today on I wont give in to this strong emotion of being shy and self-conscious. I have discovered the root of it and now will take action. like my Sifu had told me " we now understand the obstacle,all that there is left to do is take action". so i shall!

I have a specific way of decreasing the tension of my shyness,which is  part of what I wanted to share with my Sifu. which is probably why he wants me to do that first then at the end of class tell him what it is I wanted to share with him!

I am hopeful,nervous and excited. I hope he will be there today,which I'm certain he will and that i will stick to my plans. I have made it over the ladder so to speak and now I just have to make the first real step. and will share with all you shy peeps how it went and I hope it helps others and inspires others to do the same when ready =)


                                                      wish me luck =)




BelleRaven BelleRaven
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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

so how did it go? i'd really like to know ;) I wish i had the courage to really do what youre about to do..