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I have successfully made my first step the a journey of becoming less shy! I did my best and succeeded at being less self-conscious. at the times I felt nervous but pulled my thoughts back to what I was doing and who I was training with. I managed to make it through the entire three hour class! only towards the end was the true test,which was to tell my Sifu about whaT I realized from the time he put me on the spot by asking questions and the goal was the just try no second guessing.. anyhow I attempted to do so but I cracked alittle and my shyness went through. I never said it would be perfect at the first try but it went much better than I thought. My Sifu offered to drive me home which allowed him to give me a serious reality check and now my two goals to overcoming my shyness are 1) don't second guess myself and 2) try(don't be afraid to be wrong or make mistakes just TRY


these two things are the mixture of my shyness and the key to overcoming it. and so it starts I will work on these two blocks and lets see what happens!

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I agree with the littlest Hobo, work on it.

We are ALL a work in progress. 'That person' who appears totally self-confident probably has loads of issues he/she's just denying.. noone's really perfect.. <BR>and to Dismal: All behaviours are transitory and subject to change. None are permanent. You may require some form of structured re-learning, but there is no limit, nothing that cannot be altered if you so wish. <br />
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Let's drop-kick that doubt-demon into outer-space!

i'm glad to hear you're progressing. Just remember to start small and don't set you're goals too high, gradually those small steps become larger with time. I'm actually a bit inspired to try and shed my own shyness away. Don't know if being shy is something you can stop doing, i'm probably always going to be shy... I guess it's just how you view your shyness, if it has a negative effect then it's good to try and overcome it which can be quite daunting but i don't want to live shy all my life. <br />
Hope you all the best :)

congratulations! :)<br />
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i can be shy in certain situations, especially when i'm still getting to know people. i wish you the best of luck in reaching your goals. it sounds like you're on a great path!