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You Quessed It I'm Shy Aswell

Hey I'm new

I'm 21 and I am still so shy, I have been it mostly all my life. I'm slightly coming out of my shell since going to college and working(work with children and I love it) but I still find it difficult to interact with people my age.

I think mainly my shyness was built up in school as I was bullied quite a bit for my height, I'm really short but I'm getting used to it now 

So this is stopping me from doing things other people do at my age like go out and fun basically, so I don't have many friends at all  

Because of this I haven't really been around guys so I haven't had a boyfriend before and I really want to change.

I hope you can give me some tips on this 




RHSK143 RHSK143 26-30, F 8 Responses Jan 15, 2010

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I was going through your old stories (yes I am totally stalking oyu HEHEHE) and found your first one. And I wanted to say I am SOOOOOOOOO proud of you Baby. I am not sure if you realise this, but I think each and every day you are getting a little more confident. And the proof of this- Just under 6 months ago, did you see yourself asking a boy out? My Gorgeous Girl, you are an amazing young lady which I am truely blessed to have met, and am so lucky to have on my life. And I really do hope you understand the beauty which you have. I think you are going to go on to do some amazing things, and I hope I can share them with you. I love you =D

I am the same way girl, you're not alone. I used to each lunch in the bathroom and people would say hurtful things like "use sign language". I think shyness has a lot to do with low self-esteem and low self confidence. I guess you just have to try hard not to care about what other people think about you, but that is so hard to do! It's definitely hard to make friends or even be in a romantic relationship..I've been single for so long :( Now I have nobody really, it's so lonely. I just remember I've been this way all my life too and hopefully we can change in the future. That's what everyone says, it'll get better as you get older..I think it's kinda true because I do believe I'm getting a little bit better. Working helps and seeing how you work with children I think it'll help a lot because kids don't judge and it'll be easier for you to open up and gain confidence through them.

That's good it's not worth it if they treat you like you don't exist

Ok, poor you :)

Awww you can try hanging out with them more so you can get comfortable with them :)

Awww bless you :)<br />
Yea I definately have to feel comfortable with people for me to open up to them,

Aww bless you <br />
Thanks for the tips I will have ago at those :D

I am also bullied a lot at school - because of my shyness. I was a bit of a loner actually. Little by little, I changed that.I still find it hard to talk to most people, except people I have known for a long time, like my best friend or my family. I was always scared for rejection. (I'm very sensitive) I can feel it when people don't like me, (I also feel their mood) and that sometimes makes things worse. -.- Most of the time, shy people aren't noticed except by their friends. I never had a boyfriend when I was super shy, the popular people ignored me, and my few friends always said I never talked enough. Although you may never be the "class clown" or the "loudest kid" or "most popular" you'll be more happy with your social life and will probly get more friends if you act less shy.The top things to do:1. Be yourself.2. Little by little, be more social/talkative with everyone.3. Dont care what people say or think about you. (I still find this difficult)4. Say what you want to say, even if your afraid others will think it was dumb or weird.5. Be happy.7. Join clubs/sports/participate in class/join groups and meet more people to talk to.8. Talk to people you normally wouldn't talk to. 9. Make more friends.10. Be less shy around people and talk to them, and they will want to talk to you more.Good Luck =)