Yeah, I Am Shy Too.

Well, I am shy. I know why I am shy though, I am afraid of rejection. I just don´t want to be hurt, so I end up not saying anything at all when I am around people. It is weird because I really like to write and talk a lot ONLY with my closer friends. But God I know it is hard to go on life being this shy.

Monique2010 Monique2010
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

I feel you there, that's how I am. I'm also afraid to share ideas and speak in front of groups because I feel like I'll be judged and whatever I say will sound stupid. I feel that nobody likes me and wouldn't wanna talk to me and I just never say anything until they start talking to me first. Yes, with some of my few friends I have I talk A LOT and I'm more outgoing. I think we just need to find something we are really good at in life, that surely will be a confident boost. When you have something so great, you will feel superior no matter how shy you are it's like you know you have something they don't.

Oh, good for you! I hope I can overcome my shyness some of this days too. Thanks for sharing!