Just Another One Of Those Friends.

So I have a very close friend, and my old bestfriend was obviously jelouse of me and her. Well I guess it started because she showed me to her and we kind of ditched her, but anyways. I told my old bestfriend everything. And I mean everything. Even though we were the greatest of friends, I knew she was there for me. I told her something's about my bestfriend that I shouldnt have told her. Then tonight she went and told her everything! I never knew how much I depended on her. It was all over abstupid reason but still. She has never done this to me and I feel like I will never forget this. She has always been there for me and now she is yelling at me and crap. That fact that doesn't help is that it's all over text. I have never felt worse in my life.
Willowhutchings Willowhutchings
May 18, 2012