Do Friends Really Exist?

I study digital film and video production. A "friend" of mine does as well. He landed a job that pays 60 grand a year right out of college. When he landed this job he changed his phone number without even telling me. Mind you I helped him on a video shoot. I didn't just help him but I provided the location and the subject, a Porsche Carrera 4S. We both shot separate commercials for our school portfolios but he lied to me when I'd asked him if his new job (at a news station) was hiring. He told me "no". Come to find out . . . this b***h @** dude was lying. He gave me this story about his not wanting to ruin his welcome at his new job and it's best he get his "foot in the door" over at the station first. Witnesses to this (people who are just as selfish and cut throat as him) even said he was giving me the run-around. This guy claims to be a devout Christian as well. No gratitude.

fitzgeraldgordon fitzgeraldgordon
22-25, M
May 25, 2012