So Much For My "best Friend"...

so i have this girl that made my life a living hell. she hacked into my email accounts, changed my passwords so i was locked out, she spread rumors about me, tried to ruin my marriage, told people that i copied her every move, etc. you get it.

anyways.. i had a friend that for about a year was with me. agreed that this chick was a piece of crap, and talked mad s**t about her. i mean MAD S**T. than one day.. this "friend" texted me and told me that she has been talking to my enemy, and decided she was going to be friends with her. at 1st my "friend" was saying that they weren't all buddy, buddy. she just didn't want to be in the middle of the "high school s**t". that we were still "best friends". than it went from that to putting my enemy on her top friends.. talking to her all day on FB. now my "friend" pretty much ignores me, and when she actually talkes to me it is small talk or accusing me of copying her. they are making plans to do things together. it is getting to the point were even the mention of either of their names makes me cringe, and makes my husband extremely angry.

it really sucks.. but i'm kinda glad i found out what kind of person this girl really is. she is weak minded, and easily monipulated. because she knows everything my enemy ever did to me. yet she is still friends with her. so much for her being my "best friend". cause best freinds don't do that... but oh well. such is the life of people..

"i will miss you "my friend", but it is your own doing. i really hope my enemy doesn't **** u over.. but be warned.. she probably will. cause that is the only thing she has to keep her from being more miserable than she already is."

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Gossip is extremely damaging.<br />
It is A's subjective opinion or experience of B as told by A to C.<br />
Almost no one can keep a secret.<br />
What ever is said in confidence with one day be shared with others.<br />
This is human nature and inevitable.<br />
If someone shows the slightest tendency to want to gossip about others without their knowledge and permission, then that gossip is not one to accept as a friend. Better to keep such people at a polite distance or avoid hem all together is possible.<br />
This awareness also makes a good reason to consciously abstain from any urge to be a gossip oneself.

WOW- who needs enemies with friends like that! I truly understand your story :) . You will be much better off without her in the long run.

You can do better =) <br />
You'll find a friend worth keeping one day!