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Hello everyone...my name is Tanya Nelson and I am a recovering alcoholic and I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I am being treated for depression/ anxiety and I am gettin chubby cheeky I am am 37 years old and I am not sure where life is heading for me. By no means am I suicidal but I have a little anxiety going on right now. I am graduating from college and my folks are coming to South Dakota and I can't have them stay at my house cuz i am poor and I don't even have a shower...I have to shower at the local Wellness Center and while I am there I exercise my chubby self so that I can appreciate my naked self in the mirror. I don't even have a man to really get thin and hot for so I do it for myself...

My doctors tell me to exercise cuz that will help my joints but my joints hurt and they tell me to keep exercising. I do it and actually sometimes I like it but somedays like today I am angry.

I am in recovery from alcoholism and this hasn't really bothered me until lately and I know that I should go to a meeting but since I haven't been to a meeting I have gotten farther in life than if I had gone to my AA meetings. The meetings can be helpful but if you go to a bad one it kind of sucks.

Today i am in a mind of disarray and wish that I had a little more money.

I guess I am frustrated.

UPDATE! July 14,2010
Ok, so I am still sick and tired of being sick and tired but my visit with my family went well. I am still a little chunky but I had a period of three weeks where I worked out  and it FELT SO GOOOOOOOODAAAA!!!!!!!!! And I saw some hotties at the Wellness Center.
BUT what I really wanted to share was the fact that I worked thru that day and I didn't drink. I still continue to take my meds and realize that those days are going to come and go. As Winston Churchill said, "If you are going through hell.................keep going."

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I admired you and looks like you are handling pretty well.I am sad and sorry for not having a shower.Keep your spirits high.