Tired Of The Same Old Thing

I am tired of being let down and thinking people changed but they do not. Does anyone know someone like okay your happy, smiling, and cheerful with other people. Then they come home its another story and you are always wondering when is the real person going to come out. I love when they are trying to change, but people can only be who they are!
holdingontomydreams holdingontomydreams
1 Response Jul 23, 2010

HI When I saw the words Im sick and tired of being sick and tired I could"nt believe that someone felt the same way. IM gonna share my story!....Im Dead tired" Im sick and tired of being sick and tired. My life is a compleete pile of excruating boredom. I always claim that sucide would not be part of my thinking. "I always thought that this simply a stupid pointless self depreciating thought. "But then I started realizing how pointless in life itself is.....It is Lighting really bad here I gotta go I hope you do well in your life. Anto815