I Dunno Whats Gonna Happen

am sick of being sick.
i cancelled my fb cause aam tired of seeing other peoples normal lives, while i lay here, being sick all the time. alone.
something is def wrong
sicklywallow sicklywallow
1 Response May 21, 2012

Trust me I feel you. Don't allow those "normal" people to make you feel bad. Facebook can be evil like that. I deal with pain on a daily basis and when I can grasp a moment of not feeling it - I try to hold on for as long as I can so that feeling of normal never dissipates. But when you suffer with something, may I ask what you are sick from? ...Any illness or chronic pain can take its toll and I am sorry you are sick. It is still a mystery to me and even doctors why some people become so ill while others never have to face bad health in their lives. But i realized that that people like us can be a voice for those that are better than normal ;) ...lets face it when you are sick you develop a modesty no one can take from you. We view the world differently and I think in-spite of what you are going through, if you have a different perspective you might feel better. Again I dont know what you have and I am sorry you are dealing with it. We all deserve better and I truly believe when we try to be positive for ourselves it will pay us back in a fortunate way!