Sick Up And Fed....

That's what my youngest brother used to scream when he was really mad about something. That is soooo what I want to scream at the top of my lungs right now. 

Things are definitely not where they are supposed to be for me right now.  I need to start being a little more assertive about how I want things to be in my own home.  Then I need to stop being a doormat and, start making sure that the people in my life that supposedly care about me, understand that I won't do it anymore.  I am tired of saying one thing and then accepting something totally different, simply because that is the way someone else thought it should be done. 

I guess that until I can do this in actuality, instead of just putting it in a story, things will go on like they are, and I will go on being 'Sick Up and Fed'!!

JustAnotherMother JustAnotherMother 51-55, F Jul 2, 2012

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